Self-Mastery Coaching

Are you ready to stop
Anxiety, Stress, Self-Doubt
and any other limiting
emotions running your life?

Know Thyself: A Journey
in Self-Mastery

Know Thyself: A Journey in Self-Mastery
is all about overcoming anxiety, stress, self-doubt and any other limiting emotions as you:

  • quiet the mind by developing mindfulness,
  • understand how the mind works,
  • heal emotional baggage and transform limiting beliefs,
  • become your true self,
  • tap into your intuition,
  • connect with your purpose,
  • develop emotional intelligence.

As a result, you will:

  • create your life the way you want it to be,
  • have a peaceful mind,
  • increase your level of self-esteem,
  • feel more content and happy,
  • improve all your relationships,
  • increase your vitality and energy,
  • increase your level of performance at work, sports, and martial arts,
  • find flow, synchronicity, and creativity,
  • return your body to balance so it can start healing itself.


Self-mastery means to become aware of how you are subconsciously and automatically creating your life through your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions.

Only once you “Know Thyself” can you then change thyself. Self-mastery allows you to consciously act in life from a place of inner alignment, from a place of feeling good rather than automatically, habitually reacting from a place of limiting emotion.

This program is not for everyone. To “Know Thyself” takes courage, persistence, commitment and patience. It means taking responsibility for your life and letting go of the security of the known and stepping into the unknown. It’s likely the greatest challenge we will face in life and the most important thing we can do in life!

Our inner world creates our outer world

The quality of your life is determined by how you experience things inside you: your thoughts and emotions.

Self Mastery means to become a master over yourself (your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions) and this empowers you to create your life the way you want it to be.

As you connect with your true self, you become your own authority as you tap into your intuition. You engage in mindfulness to become conscious of how you are feeling and change your relationship with yourself to one of kindness.

Our subconscious conditioning

Our subconscious conditioning from our perceptions of the past, keeps us living with limiting emotions such as:

  • fear
  • anxiety
  • insecurity
  • frustration
  • anger

This way of being can become a habit. In turn, it brings limited states of mind such as:

  • pessimism
  • overwhelmed
  • worry
  • self doubt

This can cause a downward spiral of belief, thinking and feeling.

Know Thyself – A Journey into self mastery
has six core steps:

Step 1: Who am I and what do I want?

  • Understand the difference between your true self and your ego.
  • What do you want in life?

Step 2: A user manual for the mind – how do I create my reality?

  • How did I lose connection with my true self?
  • How do I reconnect with my true self?
  • How do I create my reality?
  • Law of attraction/law of resonance.

Step 3: Quiet the mind by developing mindfulness.

  • Develop mindfulness using guided meditations.
  • Connect with your true self.
  • Develop emotional intelligence.
  • Be more kind to yourself.

Step 4: Heal emotional baggage and transform limiting beliefs.

  • This is achieved using self-mastery coaching and mindful somatic psychotherapy.
  • Unlock your subconscious programming.

Step 5: Tap into your intuition and connect with your purpose.

  • Tap into the power of your intuition.
  • Set intentions.
  • Connect with your highest values and purpose.

Step 6: Become your true self and create your life the way you want it to be.

  • Find synchronicity, flow, and creativity.
  • Alleviate unhealthy stress.
  • Overcome your fears.
  • Take action towards your dreams from a place of feeling good.

Here is how it works

  • We meet each month for a 1.5 hour face to face session.
  • The program is personalised for each individual and consists of 12 sessions over 12 months.
  • You receive phone / SMS / email support between sessions.
  • Between each session you have guided meditations to listen to, exercises to work on and program notes to read.
  • You are not obligated to complete all 12 sessions, it’s your choice how long you continue with the program.
  • The cost of the program is $140 per session including all materials.
To book your place or to get further information:

Phone: 0478 806 466

What people are saying about Gabriel

“Gabes, with your help I have gained a deeper access to my inner light, it’s a beautiful feeling that doesn’t go away and that is accompanied with a smile every where I go. I am someone who has suffered from depression for a large part of my life and as you can imagine having this feeling means the world to me. Thank you very much for helping me change my life, you are an absolute treasure Gabe and I feel very blessed, with much love from my heart thank you.” – Zita Bush

“Gabe has definitely found his niche. His calm, professional manner enabled me to easily relax and tap into my deeper conscious to tackle my negative thought patterns that were stopping me from living my life to the full potential. Gabe helped me realise my life goals, what I need to do to achieve them and what it will feel like for me when I do. I have found I feel much more positive and deserving of happiness. I have already recommended Gabe to friends and family and would urge anyone else who is thinking about it, to give it a go.” – Nicky

Gabriel Pergamalis is passionate about helping people empower themselves to create their life the way they want it to be. He understands how the mind works, especially the influence of the sub conscious mind. He is constantly upgrading his level of training to bring his clients the most simple, yet effective techniques to develop mindfulness, connect with their true self and overcome conditioning of the subconscious mind.

His current qualifications include:
  • Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis from The Australian Academy of Hypnosis
  • Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming from Dynamic Creation
  • Diploma of Coaching from Dynamic Creation
  • Results Coaching Certification from Authentic Education
  • Diploma of Meditation Teaching from the Perth Meditation Centre
  • Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer from Mike Dooley (TUT)

Book in your 1st session and see what’s
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“Know Thyself Program –

“So here we are – all part of this great hologram called Creation, which is everybody else’s SELF…It’s all a cosmic play, and there is nothing but you!”
– Itzhak Bentov, scientist, author and mystic

“Imagination creates reality…Man is all imagination.”
– Neville, visionary and mystic


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