How to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety affects a lot of people, but for many of us, we just keep it to ourselves and silently struggle along in life, because we don’t really understand it. My name is Gabriel from the Perth Hills Mindfulness Space and having experienced anxiety for most of my life…

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Using Mindfulness to Quieten a Busy Mind

When you are trying to quieten down a really busy mind, it’s like trying to control a wild horse. The horse is going to be bucking and kicking, it’s not going to want to do what you want it to do. Just like the horse does not want to be controlled and told what to do, the mind is the same. If you want to head in one direction it will probably want to head in the opposite direction. You could scream and swear at it until your face is red, but that will just make things worse. You could even pull a whip out and try to whip it until it does what you want but that won’t be effective either.

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How to Quieten a Busy Mind

In the last blog, I discussed how the key to personal transformation is to tame our emotions, quieten and focus our mind and tune into the sensations of our body, our subconscious mind as a form of intelligence far greater than our conscious thoughts.

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Journey to BJJ Black Belt

I recently had the honour of being awarded my black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) by 8th degree coral belt, Master Joe Moreira and my coach, 2nd degree black belt James Woodfield-Jones from Sustainable Jiu Jitsu. So why would someone roll around on the ground with sweaty men and women to do BJJ and how do we make the journey to black belt?

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A Painting Of Words

Each and everyone one of us sees life through our own lens of the world. We interpret life through our experiences and assign meaning to these experiences based on our limited ways of understanding at any one given point in time.

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In the last blog, I discussed how our subconscious programming causes us to lose connection with our true self. As a result, we feel a host of limiting emotions including anxiety. In this blog, we will find out how to overcome anxiety, heal our emotional baggage, transform our limiting beliefs and re-connect with our true self.

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How do we Lose Connection with our True Self

In the last blog I discussed what it means to “Know Thyself”. In this blog we will look into how we lose connection with our true self. Our True Self When you were born you came into this world with a unique energy and being which is the foundation of who you are. The...

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What does it Mean to “Know Thyself”?

History of “Know Thyself” The phrase “Know Thyself” was inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in ancient Greece around 600 BC. Legend has it that the seven wise men of ancient Greece, philosophers, statesmen and lawgivers who laid the foundation for western...

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Reflections on Synchronicity

We climb. One foot after the next. Steady and completely immersed in the moment. Watching the placement of each foot as it touches the rocky ground or layered leafy soil, alternately. We are guided by our inner sense of direction...and the technology of an application...

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