Anxiety affects a lot of people, but for many of us, we just keep it to ourselves and silently struggle along in life, because we don’t really understand it. My name is Gabriel from the Perth Hills Mindfulness Space and having experienced anxiety for most of my life, I would to share some information with you, which you may find helpful.

Anxiety is both a mental and physical reaction to situations you perceive to be threatening. You know you have anxiety when you worry and ruminate a lot, your breathing becomes shallow and fast, you have a dry mouth, perhaps a churning stomach and tightness your shoulders.

Anxiety is a fear based response. The difference between fear and anxiety is that with fear the perceived danger or threat is nearby. With anxiety however it’s your perception of danger or a threat you could encounter in future, that gets your body to automatically activate its fight or flight response. So anxiety is a more subtle but chronic state. Your heart rate accelerates, blood pressure goes up and stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol are released for immediate action. Energy is redirected from your immune, digestive and other systems to your muscles.

This is all good if the fight or flight response is on for a little while, while you deal with the perceived danger or threat, but for many of us we don’t have the ability to turn it off, and turn on the relaxation response. You may not even be consciously aware of the perceived threat. Anxiety can become a habitual way of being. As a result you can end up with digestive problems, chronic head-aches, backaches, sleep disorders and a host of other illnesses and diseases. Being in a constant state of stress and anxiety creates other limiting emotions as well, like anger, frustration, jealousy, hatred and insecurity, which can make you feel sad and depressed.

If you want to change something, first you have to increase your awareness of the way it is, and the way you do that is with mindfulness. Mindfulness allows you to wake up from a life on automatic pilot. Mindfulness is having awareness of what’s happening in the present moment, with certain attitudes like kindness, curiosity and openness. It allows you to change the relationship with yourself, with the anxiety and with your universe.

This means when the anxiety comes up, you’re able to observe it with mindfulness, without trying to push it away, without getting overwhelmed by it, and this brings your body and mind back into balance. Developing your level of mindfulness is like trimming the weeds of anxiety in your garden. If you want to pull out the weeds, so the anxiety doesn’t grow back, you have to change your perceptions.

Your perceptions are formed by the way you have experienced your life. The programs, beliefs and emotional baggage you have formed, become the way that you filter consciousness and perceive your life. Your model of the world doesn’t exist in words, you’re not even consciously aware of it. It exists in the form of emotional and subconscious memory in the brain, nervous system and the body.

When I say changing your perceptions, I mean healing emotional baggage, transforming limiting beliefs and programs and re-connecting with your true self.

Thanks for tuning in. Feel free to send me any questions and I look forward to connecting with you in the next blog.

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About Gabriel Pergamalis
Gabriel Pergamalis is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Self-Mastery Coach at the Perth Hills Mindfulness Space. He is passionate about helping people empower themselves to quieten their mind, tame their emotions and transform their limiting beliefs. He understands how the mind works, especially the influence of the subconscious mind. He is constantly upgrading his level of training to bring his clients the most simple, yet effective techniques to develop mindfulness, connect with their true self and overcome conditioning of the subconscious mind.
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