Each and everyone one of us sees life through our own lens of the world. We interpret life through our experiences and assign meaning to these experiences based on our limited ways of understanding at any one given point in time. Hence the reason we can read a story or watch a movie multiple times, and learn something new from it each time. Our growth in life allows for expanded ways in understanding each moment as it happens. As our perception of what happens to us in life evolves, so do we, growing as a person from the inside out. This growth influences our relationships. Our relationship with ourselves, with those that are close to us, with society, with nature and with the whole world that surrounds us. When we have the maturity and insight to understand that each one of us sees the world in our own ever-evolving limited way, it allows us to open up to the possibility that our world-view may not necessarily be the same as that of another person. Being open in communication, both in speaking and hearing, without judgement and without preconceptions, is one of the first steps in effective communication and being able to connect with others. It allows all parties involved to be heard, and from there, understanding and compassion starts to develop.

The poem below is designed to invite communication and re-connection, first and foremost with yourself, but also with others. It is a piece of writing that is designed for self-reflection, and can be used as a tool for gaining insight into what is most important to you at this point in time, right in this moment.  As you read each paragraph, allow your innermost voice to emerge and simply hear what it is telling you about where you are at right now.

For health professionals working in this field, it can be used paragraph by paragraph to invite communication, self-acceptance, assertiveness and connection.

Feel free to provide me with feedback or questions below. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy and wish you a most wonderful day.

Warmest wishes,

Sabrina David

A Painting of Words

If I painted you a picture of words,
Would you see what I see?
Would you hear what I hear?
Would you feel what I feel?
And would you sense what I sense?

I see beauty and grace,
Flexibility and strength,
Wisdom and enlightenment,
Leadership and compassion.

I hear decades of trials
Leading to the place that is now.
Forgiveness and growth
That only life challenges can bring.

I feel warmth and kindness,
A child-like curiosity,
Openness and delight,
As exploration takes flight.

I sense wondrous opportunities,
Rippling with tingling delight,
Steadfast support emerging,
Rooted in waters so calm.

So now an invitation to delve within,
To see, to hear, to feel and to sense.

To pick up your brushes,
Your pencils, your crayons,
Your pens, your charcoal,
Your music, your words.

To paint me a picture,
From your heart’s desire,
So that I may see what you see,
Hear what you hear,
Feel what you feel,
And sense what you sense.

And so,
Paintings of words become connected,
Depicting worlds from within,
Bringing understanding and compassion,
And deep re-connection.

“A Painting of Words”, Written by Sabrina David



Sabrina is a registered nurse, mental health nurse, and yoga instructor who combines her skills in general health planning, counselling and yoga instruction to work alongside people seeking change. She is very fortunate to have been born into a family of yoga instructors and has been practicing yoga (postures, breath work, meditation, philosophy & lifestyle) since early childhood, so yoga is her way of life. She lives it, breathes it, practices it and speaks it. Sabrina teaches therapeutic styles of yoga to groups as well as one-on-one and is passionate about making all aspects of yoga as a full system of well-being accessible to all. She studies Sanskrit and Ancient Greek as part of a Master of Arts in the Classical World, and incorporates her ever-growing knowledge of this ancient history into her teachings.

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