This month, I offer you a blog in the form of a poem. Drawing on my own experiences of strength, as well as that of wisdom and resourcefulness that I have learned from clients that I have worked with over the years. This poem aims to bring connection and deep self-reflection on what or who it is that is really limiting us to show our true self and live a life of contentment. I hope you enjoy, and as always, welcome any questions or feedback.

Warmest wishes.
Sabrina David


Wise Woman Wisdom – full stop

Wise woman wisdom
from deep within she draws
knowledge and feelings of past
and present collectives alike.

Wise woman wisdom
at times doubting, at times uncertain
and yet drawing on strength
that she alone can find.

Wise woman wisdom
with all her heart and soul
searching and longing in silence
for that which waits to emerge.

Wise woman wisdom
how hollow the feeling at times
of displacement yet of contentment
a contrast yearning to be heard.

Wise woman wisdom
when, oh when will she be understood!
In all her beauty, her elegance and her grace
in her kindness mistaken for stupidity.

Wise woman wisdom
she learns from those that are close
that the world is not safe to disclose
the true essence of who she is.

Wise woman wisdom
when will this turmoil end!
When will the next generation
be free to simply be?

Wise woman wisdom
the change that she seeks lies within
a gem hidden in coverings of stone
solidified by years of remaining silent.

Wise woman wisdom
Should it really be so?
Devoting to others, neglecting self,
in fear of being too much?

Wise woman wisdom
It is time, says she,
to allow, to be feminine,
whatever the gender may be.

Wise woman wisdom
It is time, says she,
to forgive, to break free,
however deep rooted the impressions may be.

Wise woman wisdom
It is time, says she,
to be heard, to be seen,
whichever way, shape or form this may be.

For days of the past are ending
with enslavement to old habits breaking
the shells of solidified casings opening
and the internal gem emerging.

Wise woman wisdom
Welcome, says she.
For she has been waiting.
Patiently, fervently, longingly.

Wise woman wisdom
How beautiful her essence is.
She feels tears of joy
as reflections in the mirror connect.

Wise woman wisdom
No longer feelings of displacement,
no longer feelings of shame, nor of guilt
but only of gratitude for coming home.

Wise woman wisdom
from deep within she draws
welcoming self to this world
and all the beauty that she has to offer.

Wise woman wisdom
only just starting her journey
moving on from where she last left
full of life, full of wisdom.

Wise woman wisdom
she now sees, she now hears,
she now feels, she now senses.
Understanding completely
that from deep within, she draws.
– full stop.

– WWW. –       Written by Sabrina David.



Sabrina is a registered nurse, mental health nurse, and yoga instructor who combines her skills in general health planning, counselling and yoga instruction to work alongside people seeking change. She is very fortunate to have been born into a family of yoga instructors and has been practicing yoga (postures, breath work, meditation, philosophy & lifestyle) since early childhood, so yoga is her way of life. She lives it, breathes it, practices it and speaks it. Sabrina teaches therapeutic styles of yoga to groups as well as one-on-one and is passionate about making all aspects of yoga as a full system of well-being accessible to all. She studies Sanskrit and Ancient Greek as part of a Master of Arts in the Classical World, and incorporates her ever-growing knowledge of this ancient history into her teachings.

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